Blogs and Public Scholarship

2019     “How Ancient Rabbis Can Help Combat STI Stigma.”  Religion Dispatches, August 26.

2018      “Beer, Sex, and Risk: What the Kavanaugh Hearing Told Us About Risk, Power, and Who Gets To Have Them.”  Feminist Studies in Religion Blog, October 18.

2018       “Empty Claims & Empty Bellies: Why ‘All-Natural’ Isn’t Always Better.StyleWise Blog, July 31.

2018       “Toward More Expansive Perspectives on Gender, Authority, and Role Modeling.” Gleanings: A Dialogue on Jewish Education from the Leadership Commons at the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education,  Spring.

2013       “The Trouble With Marriage.State of Formation,  August 18.

2013       “Virtue is its Own Reward: Why Michael Pollan’s “Cooked” is a Religious Text.State of Formation,  June 17.

2012       “‘Just to Make a Statement:’ Power, Sincerity, and the Women of the Wall.State of Formation,  December 23.

2012       “Worthy is the Cat: Reflections on Feline Mortality and Psychological Mercy.State of Formation,  November 25.

2012       “My Heart Is In Tumult: Reflections on Lamentations in the Age of Global Warming.State of Formation,  July 29.

2012       “The Wronging Of Alan Turing: Sex, Shame, and the Complexity of a Human Being.State of Formation,  July 13.

2012       “Rules by Which They Could Not Live: A Drash on Kedoshim-Acharei Mot.State of Formation,  May 4.

2012       “Rise up, Sotah: Contraception, Religion, and Slut-Shaming.State of Formation,  March 13.

2012       “The Times We Shouldn’t Defend Our Traditions.State of Formation,  February 16.

2012       “The Obligation to Vaccinate: ‘Health Freedom’ and Communal Responsibility.State of Formation,  January 10.

2011       “Building Hedges: What the Rabbis Taught Me About Managing ADHD.State of Formation,  November 18.

2011       “The Value of Discomfort: Why I Won’t Make Peace With My Parsha.State of Formation,  March 13.