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A book cover reading "When We Collide: Sex, Social Risk, and Jewish Ethics," [by] Rebecca J. Epstein-Levi in block letters in the top left and center. In the right of , there is a photo-negative image of a woman reaching her hand, palm-up, with a come-hither gesture, towards the bottom-center. The background is dark blue with Hebrew and Aramaic text faintly across it.When We Collide is a landmark reassessment of the significance of sex in contemporary Jewish ethics. Rebecca Epstein-Levi offers a fresh and vital exploration of sexual ethics and virtue ethics in conversation with rabbinic texts and feminist and queer theory.

Epstein-Levi explores how sex is not a special or particular form of social interaction but one that is entangled with all other forms of social interaction. The activities of sex—doing it, talking about it, thinking about it, regulating it—are sites of ongoing moral formation on individual, interpersonal, and communal levels.

When We Collide explores the development of Jewish sexual ethics, and represents an opportunity to move beyond the usual heteronormative accounts that are presented as though they were neutral representations of what “Judaism teaches about sex.”


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